“Do you secure your staking agreements?”

It all started with a casual Reddit post.

In 2018 I posed a question to the Reddit /r/poker community asking the following question, “Backers and Players with staking agreements, do you draw up contracts?

I was pretty shocked at how few people actually made their staking agreements official using legally-binding contracts.

Every year, millions of dollars flow between poker stakers and poker players yet most of these transactions are done informally, without any legally-binding paper trails.

Finally, a cheap and elegant solution

I searched around for a solution to this problem but couldn’t find one, so I built PokerContract.com myself.

It offers a secure, encrypted hosted environment for staking contracts which are legally binding and UETA/ESIGN/GDPR Compliant.

Each party knows when the contract is signed, downloaded, viewed or edited.

If you’re entering into a poker staking agreement, why not make it legally binding and secure for a small fee?

There’s enough gambling in the game itself, don’t gamble on your staking agreements.




Thomas Shellberg, owner PokerContract.com

Thomas Shellberg

Owner and Founder

Thomas founded PokerContract.com after hearing some of the horror stories surrounding the tumultuous relationships between poker stakers and poker players. While he is an optimist, he also believes automation and technology can be used where possible to minimize souring of relationships and partnerships.

Thomas is a poker player himself and currently considers live Pot Limit Omaha as his game of choice.