Poker staking is still the Wild West.

Huge poker staking deals are made daily using just a handshake, a verbal agreement, or an SMS. The process is still terribly informal and leaves a lot of room for miscommunication and forgetfulness. This can put a strain on friendships and business relationships. It's time for technology to improve the way we arrange poker staking deals. 

We can do a lot better. 

What is Poker Staking?

Poker staking is an agreement between two parties: a poker player, and an investor, often known as the 'backer.' The backer financially supports the player to enter poker games or tournaments. In return, they receive a share of the winnings, as per the agreement.

How Poker Staking Works

Four simple steps to purchase and generate a customized staking contract.

Step 1 - Choose a contract type

Select a Cash or Tournament Poker Staking Contract, then fill in the contract details, including names, amount, percentages, and date(s).

Step 2 - Purchase the contract

Add the product to the cart and check out using our secured shopping cart.

Step 3 - Sign the contract

Once the order is verified, all parties will receive email invitations to sign the contract.

Step 4 - Download the contract

Once all parties have signed, the contract is official and can be downloaded or printed.

Fully automated.

After checkout, all parties will be automatically emailed with invitations to sign the contract.

No need to print out a contract and send it via snail mail.

No need to hire a personal lawyer.


Both parties receive a PDF file of the contract once signed.


The entire contract process undergoes a rigorous audit trail process - no changing the contract without evidence.


We take care of the boring legalese so you don't need to hack together a template yourself.


The entire process is performed through an encrypted connection, including the purchasing and signing.


No need to print out contracts for pen-to-paper signatures; sign your document online. You can even reuse your signature later.

Online storage

Your signed contracts are stored online for viewing and download. Each contract has a live audit history, meaning all performed actions are logged.

Purchase a one-time contract

Start generating a staking contract now.

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